Support Examples

Hi [Customer], I hope you're having a great week so far! I saw you've started sending out emails with our email marketing tool this week, it looks like you've achieved some impressive clickthrough rates. How are you enjoying working with the tool? If you have any feedback or questions about the tool, don't hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email, and I'll help you out! If you'd like to share your experience using Biglytics, here are our pages on G2Crowd and Capterra where you can give us a rating and share your feedback to help other customers learn about us. Thanks for your time, and give me a call if you have any questions about the tool! [Your name]
Hi [name], Thanks for writing in! There’s no way to do this at the moment, but it is something we’re considering for a future release. I just added you to the list for follow up, so as soon as we do have news regarding mass replies we’ll be sure to reach out. In the meantime, your best bet for speeding this up would probably be to use canned replies. Then it’s just a couple of clicks per ticket to send out the same reply. Cheers, [agent name]